„LabAnalityka” Ltd.

Research of the chemical substance

“We strive for excellence in providing reliable knowledge about the parameters of the chemical substance in production, trade and environment, with a concern for the nature and trust of ours clients and employees”

Within the framework, company provides comprehensive services for the PCC Rokita capital group, based on the full analysis and control of the chemical process, also performing of the comprehensive measurements and examinations, in the field of the environmental protection and the harmful agents of the working environment.

Our Company have highly qualified, experienced and systematically knowledge expending personnel and modern analytical equipment that guarantees high quality of the provided services for our Customers.

Natural Environmental Research

srodowisko naturalne
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Research of the working environment

srodowisko pracy
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Environmental Research Laboratory

PCA Accreditation Nr AB 935
in a range of:

  • Noises tests – environmental samples

  • Research of the waste gasses, air, water and sewages

  • Research relating to the engineering environment – waste gasses, lighting, microclimate

  • Research of the physical properties of the waste gasses, air and sewages

  • Collecting of the waste gasses samples, air, water and sewages