Laboratory is equipped with a modern apparatus that provides high quality of the performed measurements and analysis.

Field measurements:

  • Exhaust fumes analyzer MRU MGA-5
  • Micromanometer DMM 01DPN
  • Flowmeter DFM 1197-1-2-3
  • Termodensimeter Testo 435-1
  • Electrical Gravimetric Dust Monitor EMITEST 1590
  • Noise dosimeter DM-50
  • Sound level meter 2236C Brüel & Kjaer
  • Sound level meter 2250 Brüel & Kjaer
  • Acoustic calibrator 4231 Brüel & Kjaer
  • Luxmeter L-52 SONOPAN
  • Luxmeter L-100  SONOPAN
  • Photometric calibrator KF-10 SONOPAN
  • Quest QT-31-1 Analyzer for the WGBT measurements
  • Aspirator 224-44TX
  • Aspirator AMZ-1

Laboratory Analysis

  • Atomic Absorption Spectrometer SavabtAA Sigma with a graphite furnace GF-5000 GBC
  • Gas Chromatograph Agilent 6850A ECD
  • Gas Chromatograph Agilent 6850A with FID
  • Spectrophotometer UV-VIS GBC 916
  • Spectrophotometer HACH 2800
  • Mercury analyzer MA-2000 Nippon
  • Analyzer AOX DEXTAR
  • Microwaves sample preparing system MAGNUM II Ertec
  • Analyzer OWO ThermoFisherSCIENTIFIC
  • Ion Chromatograph IC Compact Flex 930
  • ICP Ultima 2000 Jobin Yvon

All the analysis are performed with a use of the high quality reagents (Merck, POCH, Fluka, Sigma-Aldrich, Riedel-de Haen, LGC Standards) , certified standards and referenced materials (Merck, Sigma-Aldrich, Fluka, Tusnovics Instruments, Promochem).